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I think this is a good reminder of something to think about. So often we get focused on all the details and worries of our day to day. It's helpful to me to remember to look up, literally and figuratively.. to keep my focus on the things that matter.

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I'm going to start off this discussion... by sharing that I was so delighted when Becky Durham commented - when I shared the link to the poem on Facebook - and shared scriptures that she thought of when reading the poem. Becky shared it like this... "...so Psalm 121; Isaiah 26:3; maybe Isaiah 44:3..." It blessed me because she is "forcing" me to dig into the Bible because I don't know some of these scriptures off the top of my head. And... getting into the Bible more is one of the goals for this series. So, thanks, Becky! For challenging me. :)

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