What is Mind Stayed?

Mind Stayed is a series of metaphors - in story, poetry, and visual art - that focus on who Christ is and his relationship with us. The aim of the series is to help us to think deeply, and to meditate on Christ as he is presented in the Bible. A new metaphor - created and crafted by various authors and artists - will be posted here two Monday evenings per month. On Wednesday evenings of the week the piece is posted, the chat/comments will be opened up for a chance for readers/viewers to share their thoughts. Then, on Friday evenings, to help us think more deeply about the metaphor and the Bible, a quiz and the author’s/creator’s insights will be posted. To receive an email notifying you when new content is posted, you can subscribe to the list by clicking the button below. (This email list is ONLY for this series.)

About the Host

Sara Oyela is the host of this series. You can find more information about her at the link here —>

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a series of metaphors, that point to the reality and goodness of God, from various authors and artists


Mom, wife, high school English language arts teacher, writer, slow driver, host of The Mind Stayed series, Indiana native living in ATL area Georgia.