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In answer to the quiz:

1. B) John the baptist. Like the arrow, his purpose was not to call attention to himself but to point to someone else.

2. I could see application of several of the verses, but the one that struck me was A) Galatians 2:20 (It's not about me, but about Jesus living through me.)

The arrow's purpose in existence is to redirect people's attention somewhere else. Away from itself. Not because it hates itself or thinks itself unworthy, but because whatever it is pointing at is so much greater, so much more important. It provides an essential service, to bless others. And while the arrow on its own has no greatness or glory, how many people will rejoice and give thanks because they were lost until they found that arrow to guide them?

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“provides an essential service”... nice thought!

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I like the idea of the arrow with Psalm 115:1. The arrow looks very much like, "move along, what you're looking for isn't here, it's that way". "Not to us, but to YOUR name"

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