When I read this, I thought about the corruption that sin brought into the world. The separation between us and God, the distractions of life, the cares of the world and just general busyness that creeps in. The blinders that stop us from seeing the spiritual. But when the light of God comes it burns away the blinders and makes us see, unless we hide so deep inside our wordliness that we only see the earthly treasures we spend our days collecting.

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When I read this, I thought about the fog as sin or anything in life that is trying to keep us out of fellowship with Christ. It claws and pulls at us subtly. The lines that struck a chord with me most were the ones about how the only way we can "unsee" the sun (or unsee Christ) is by our own deliberate choice of living in lairs with dragons... or living in the dark with sin, which has this appearance of pleasure and joy, but ultimately is unattainable and joyless because it is the dragon's and the dragon, satan and his ways, will never bring us satisfaction and joy. This piece especially resonates with me in this season as I have been struggling with some pulls from the fog.

Such a good piece, Connie! Thanks for your work and sharing it with the series.

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